Our passion  is to unveil the excellencies of Christ and connect people to God’s purpose.

Everyone has an inherent desire for meaning and fulfillment in life. But our pursuit for purpose will end in frustration, unless we encounter the God of purpose. Discovering God’s purpose is a journey we must all personally undertake. It is an assignment too crucial to delegate to others. It is an invitation too important to opt out of. It is, in fact, the most exciting and fulfilling quest we can ever partake in. It is a journey that leads to the loving arms of the Savior of mankind—Jesus Christ, the Son of God. When Christ is revealed, we find the meaning and fulfillment we so desperately desire. When we find Christ, we find our purpose.


--- Patrick V. Ndlovu

“My passion is to equip people so they can be victorious in their God given destiny.”


To truly live a life of purpose, we must know Jesus Christ, who is the author and perfecter of our faith. When we know Christ and who we are in Him, our lives will truly have meaning and fulfillment.


 ---Patience Ndlovu

We are all destined for greatness. But our greatness remains untapped until we have the courage to rise up and pursue our purpose. Patience Ndlovu
Inspired Word Bible teaching ministry has a mandate to unveil the excellencies of Christ through in-depth and inspired Biblical teaching. 
We conduct workshops, seminars and special studies to equip believers for victorious living through knowledge and application of God’s Word. 

Inspired Word Publishing produces and distributes books, bible studies, sermons and other resources to help feed the flock of God.


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Patrick and Patience
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 Sunday, May 27 2018, @ 10:30am
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Brooks International Gospel Church

 July  2018, @ 11:30am
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 Friday June 1,  2018
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Why read this book?

I am excited about my book “New Creature in Christ”. I believe this book will be a great blessing to you. Here’s why:
Everyone has an inherent desire for meaning and fulfillment in life. We are all pursuing purpose. But our pursuit of purpose will end in frustration unless we encounter the God of purpose. There is a very special gift that God has given to all mankind. This gift is the ultimate revelation of purpose. It is the gateway to the victories and fulfillment we are all looking for in life. God has invested so much in us, but are we aware of what He has given us? 

This book will help unpack your gift from God.

  1. The book will help you know your spiritual identity, so you can be confident about your life’s purpose.
  2. The book will help you understand and exercise the authority God has given you, so you can experience victory over life’s circumstances.
  3. The book will challenge you to grow in character and maturity, so you can be a fruitful steward of the opportunities God has made available to you.
These three elements—identity, authority, and maturity—constitute what I call the three-legged stool of a balanced and meaningful life. This “three-legged stool” will firmly ground you and position you to live the life God has ordained for you. You will be able to walk in God’s purpose, experience God’s power, and grow in God’s purity

Take a journey into your purpose!

In this book, you will take a journey to the beginning of all things and discover the original purpose of creation and how that purpose relates to your life and destiny. You will learn about the devastating event that altered mankind’s destiny and how God responded to mankind’s predicament. You will unpack the gift of salvation, and discover the profound significance of being born-again. You will learn how to translate the spiritual blessing of salvation into tangible victory and fulfillment in your life. You will discover principles that are an absolute necessity for faithful stewardship and spiritual fruitfulness as a mature believer. The chapters will be presented under the following themes:
  • The Masterplan of Creationmankind’s origin, mandate and destiny
  • The Marketplace of Redemptionbuying back mankind
  • The Motive of Remissionforgiving mankind
  • The Makeover of Regeneration—mankind’s restoration
  • The Mantle of Righteousnessmankind’s authority
  • The Maturity of Transformationmankind’s fruitfulness
In each chapter, you will encounter Biblical truths to equip you with knowledge of God’s purpose for your life.You will be encouraged to act on that knowledge to get results. You will look at your life through the lens of God’s Word and see yourself the way God sees you.
Be blessed and encouraged as you discover who you really are!
Find out more about my book “New Creature in Christ” at www.InspiredWordTeaching.org

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