Delivered from the Slave Market

Do you feel like a prisoner and can’t seem to break free from life’s challenges? Are you pursuing success but feel enslaved and can’t seem to find lasting peace and joy? The truth is, there is an underlying force that seeks to keep all of us in bondage. Did you know, however, that you do not have to be in bondage anymore because your freedom has been paid for in full?

The Slave Market of Sin

Sin is the underlying force that seeks to keep us in bondage and never experience freedom and fulfillment in life.When sin entered the world, through Adam’s disobedience, we all became alienated from God, and sin became our new master. Romans 7:14 says, “We were sold under sin.” We became the legal property of a new owner. God was no longer the influencer of mankind, sin was. Romans 6:20 says “we became slaves to sin.” Sin gained dominion over us and reigned in our bodies. We simply obeyed its lusts. We became driven by our flesh and were no longer aware of our spiritual identity. Many people find themselves in this slave market of sin. As Romans 6:19 says, we become “slaves of uncleanness, and of lawlessness leading to more lawlessness.” These are the prevailing conditions in the slave market of sin. Those who are under this slave market put their will above the will of God, not realizing, however, they are not in control—they are in bondage. They are in bondage to a cruel and wicked master.
Satan is in charge of the slave market of sin. Satan exploits mankind’s sinful condition and he uses and abuses those who are in the slave market—unleashing his agenda, which is to steal, kill and destroy (see John 10:10). But no one should continue to live under Satan’s bondage. God has sent His Son to deliver all of us from the slave market of sin. Are you struggling with certain sinful habits. Are you pursuing worldly things at the expense of your spiritual growth? Or perhaps you have never asked God to forgive you of your sins? Well, today is your day! Makeup up your mind today, that you will no longer be a part of the sinful marketplace. Chose freedom over bondage. Choose God, because true freedom is found in Him. It might seem difficult to live in obedience to God, but God will help you overcome. He has already sent His Son to get you out of the slave market of sin.

Jesus the Deliverer

Jesus Christ came to rescue you from the slave market of sin. He came to free you from bondage and restore you to a life of purpose in God. Today you can reject Satan, the wicked slave master whose aim is to steal, kill, and destroy. You can run to your true Master, Jesus Christ, who came to redeem you and give you abundant life. Romans 6:17 says “But God be thanked that though you were slaves of sin, yet you obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine to which you were delivered.” This scripture shows us that although sin had enslaved mankind, every believer can rise above sin and choose to obey God. It is through this life of obedience to God that anyone can break free from the slave market of sin.

Do you know that you Have Been set free?

Although Jesus has set us free from the bondage of sin and set us free from Satan’s power, many people do not realize the freedom that God has made available to them. Satan does all he can to keep people in ignorance of the freedom they have received in Christ. God wants you to experience the fullness of all He has made available to you, but it is only when you know what belongs to you that you can truly walk in freedom. But today you can know more about who you are in Christ and what Christ has done for you. You can know what freedom looks like. What love looks like. What forgiveness looks like. You can know God. You can know Jesus, and the redemption He provided for you at the Cross.

Your redemption in four words

A study of the Greek New Testament provides further insight on mankind’s redemption from the salve market of sin. There are mainly four Greek words which are translated “redemption” in the New Testament. These words are:
  • Agorazo, (pronounced agaradzo)
  • Exagorazo, (pronounced exagaradzo)
  • Lytron, (pronounced luthron)
  • Apolytrosis, (pronounced apoluthrosis)

These words reveal the following regarding mankind’s deliverance from bondage:

  1. Agoradzo, is associated with markets. In the context of redemption, it conveys the idea of buying a slave. We can interpret this word to mean “being bought in a slave market.”
  2. Exagorazo, is made up of two words: ex, which means “out of,” or “removal from,” and agorazo, which we interpreted as “being bought in a slave market.” Putting the two words together, exagorazo means “being bought out of a slave market.”
  3. Lytron (also used as the verb lytroo or as the noun lytrosis) is associated with “paying the demanded price,” or “payment of a ransom.” In the context of redemption, lytron means “setting a captive free by the payment of a ransom.”
  4. Apolytrosis, is made up of two words: apo, which can be interpreted as “to return,” or “to go back,” and lutrosis, which comes from lytron—which we defined as “payment of a ransom.” Put together, the word apolytrosis means “payment of a ransom to restore a captive.”
Based on these Greek word studies, we learn that: We have been bought (agorazo) in the slave market of sin, where we had been held captive. Jesus came to this slave market and bought us out (exagoridzo). He took us out of bondage by paying a ransom (lytron, lytroo, lytrosis). The ransom was His blood, which was the most expensive price. He ransomed us out of the slave market (apolystrosis) and restored us back to the purpose that God had for us before our captivity.
You can break away from the slave market of sin because Jesus has set you free. Your freedom has been paid for in full at the Cross. Acknowledge Jesus today and walk in the freedom He has made available to you for all the days of your life.


If you have never acknowledged Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, pray this simple prayer, and believe it in your heart. When you do so, you will become born again. Your sins will be forgiven, and God will fill you with His Spirit and give your purpose and victory in life. Salvation Prayer

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